Platinum Testimonials

-My name is Kevin Davey, and I'm one of the actors represented by Platinum Talent Management Inc.

Before signing up with them - which was only 9 months ago - I had been represented by 2 other agencies over a collective period of about 4 years. But it was rare that I was even being put forward for auditions but either of these agents, and I felt they were just after the "sign-up" cash.

However, upon signing up with Platinum, the difference in their attitude and work ethics were immediately obvious, and were worlds apart from both of my previous agents. They really do make concerted efforts to try to get you work, and submit their talent for as many auditions as they are able to - providing of course, that they believe the potential role is suited to the individuals they are submitting. For example, I've been submitted for more auditions in the last 9 months, than I was for the entire 4 years previously.

My personal success story is that due to being submitted for an audition through "Platinum", I recently won a recurring principal role in a major TV show, produced by E-One Entertainment, and screened on the AMC Channel. If anyone wants to break into the acting world - be it background or principal - I don't think they'd do much better than choosing to be represented by Platinum Talent Management Inc.

M. Kevin Davey

Union Actra Member

-My experience at Platinum Talent Management has been very successful to date. The Platinum Team are knowledgeable and have been very patient with our family of four who had no previous experience and was leery of getting into the industry. The atmosphere in the office is very inviting, personable and non-threatening. I have no problem recommending Platinum Talent Management to those that are new to the industry or wanting a fresh change!

-Clements Family-2012

-My name Is Tommy J. Mueller and I have been very grateful to have a wonderful Manager Carla Brown who has worked so hard to get me auditions for some great jobs: Heartland TV series (Actor), Blackstone TV Series (Principal, Series Regular), Hiding (Actor), and many great commercials and print jobs. Miss Carla Brown represented me for four years for Country music where I won in Nashville Tennessee: Male Entertainer of the Year 2012, Male Vocalist of the Year 2012, Global Country Star 2011 New Country Category for N.A.C.M.A.I. and Two #1 Hits on NCIFM's Top 40 Count Down.

I will continue to grow with this Amazing group of people and thank you all for your hard work, choosing Platinum Talent Management Inc. was the best choice I ever made!

Thank You- Tommy J. Mueller

Full Actra Union Member

-Platinum works VERY hard for their Talent! Each one of our experiences have been professional and rewarding! Our first photo shoot was SO MUCH FUN!!! My daughter has already been pinned for a movie role & we just signed up :) Thank you Platinum team for all your efforts and guidance.

Jody Vickers

-Carla and everyone at Platinum have been so great to work with! They have worked hard to keep me busy through an extremely difficult time and I am so grateful for all the ongoing help and encouragement!

Shane Connery Volk

-Amazing experience! Carla Brown and staff definitely make taking care of talent a top priority! Couldn't have asked for a better agent after moving from Vancouver, and I look forward to a long and successful partnership with Platinum Talent Management!!

James Tyce

-Where to even begin. I joined Platinum when I thought all hope was lost. I ran thru enough agents as a young adult that only looked forward to ripping me off. I went to Platinum looking at it as the last resort. If it didn't work out. I was just going to quit my goal and make ends meet with regularity. Carla Brown exceeded every expectation. Sent me on set 2 days after meeting me and it has been up hill since. Because of her, I can't and will never give up on myself. She has the tools to motivate and push you forward best Agent in the business by far and if she wasn't already the greatest I would pay her to be. I LOVE PLATINUM

Damian Hosia

-This is such an spectacular agency and I am so honoured to be working at it. The people whom work here are amazing, considerate and very hard working. I have only been with the agency for almost a year now and I have been given so many opportunities that I am so grateful for. Most Tuesdays there are these acting classes at night where you can go to improve your skills, and I always look forward to these days because I learn a ton and its always a ton of fun! Usually there is this man named Tommy who teaches the class and I have taken a liking to him as he knows the industry really well and is an amazing teacher. Within the year I have been with them I have been on a TV show called Tin Star which was such an incredible experience. I have been to many acting classes with many casting directors thanks to Carla. Carla is an incredible person with so much ability and she truly cares about her clients and does everything in her power to make sure you get work. Not only do they get you jobs and auditions, but Platinum talent is a home for life. I for one am very honoured to be apart of that home.

Alicia Brost

-My daughter has been with Platinum for a few years now and Carla and her team have created a wonderful community. Kate has fun and is challenged to continue to grow as an actor. The workshops Platinum puts on give kate an opportunity to improve her skills as well as meet people within the community and learn about how the film industry in Canada/Alberta works. Carla is always looking for opportunities for growth for my girl and I appreciate all of her efforts.

Megan Taillon

-My son has been with Carla and her Platinum family for a few years now. There is great opportunity for learning with various workshops. Carla and her team are willing to go the extra mile to assist talent in their growth through workshops, photos, and demos. The industry is very limited but Carla is always working hard to find audition possibilities and work for my son. Carla is open to new opportunities of training and has also provide training opportunities to students in a rural setting so they can further develop their skills and learn from industry professionals. She travelled to a small town in Alberta, along with Tommy Mueller, and spent a day teaching a small high school drama class about the industry, how to breakdown, improv, audition, and how to slate. Platinum Talent Management is an all encompassing agency that feels like family.

Anita Lambert

-I have nothing but good things to say. Carla Brown has been excellent with promoting me and I definitely feel valued and valuable. Considering the size of the talent roster responses to my emails/texts are timely. I am thrilled to be represented by Platinum and excited for the opportunities to come!

Lyndsey Alston

-Carla Brown is simply an amazing women! I signed up with her about 9 months ago, and Carla helped me expand my actors resume a lot! Along with workshops she offers to help us as actors expand our horizons! I am simply overjoyed and enjoy working alongside Platinum Talent! Thank you Carla for all that you do and have done for me! And just like everything you have to have some patience as well but they do their best to get you work.

Johhny Walker

-With Respect for this industry for so long, my daughter wanted to explore, so with much consideration . We connected with Carla @ Platinum Talent Management ..My daughter has gained so much from the acting classes and the job opportunities set before her. Having the courage, grace, the ability to stand before an audiance to express so much feeling,.. So many opportunities for everyone connecting with this Talent agency . So glad we can share this journey with them... The sense of belonging is so important for the growth of any individual and they care about that... The welcoming of others would be a pleasure with open arms..Thank you Carla and Thomas so much!

Tigger B

-The best agent anyone could ask for. Always goes above and beyond for their clients and business is always done at the highest level. Any questions I could ever have, are answered thoroughly and with the utmost care. This agency will take whatever goals you have ever had and helps you to realize they are possible.

Kyle Baker

-I just joined this agency and it looks to be a very efficient, professionally-run company. The staff are excited to represent new talent and want to do everything they can to find you work. I'm very impressed so far!

Marty Lawrence

-I'm so lucky I get to be in this agency they work so hard and even though I have only been here a few years I feel like I have learned alot of new things I wouldn't be where I am right now if it wasn't for Carla and her team.

Dakota Wohlgemuth

-Platinum Talent Management is a very good talent agency. I am retired. Having limited experience on camera, l attend acting work shops. They offer training that is very essential to a person wanting to become an actor. Carla Brown really cares about her clients. I am fortunate to have found this agency. I can only say that Calgary has a very good talent agency. Thankyou Carla . as l have attended the various work shops and I am always learning something new about acting l have to say Carla has been a kind and patient person. I have asked various questions about the industry. She has always given me good answers to my questions and will take the time to answer any questions l may have. Thankyou again Carla. You are thoughtful and you run a very good talent agency. I would also like to say that l have taken Marcy's etiquette class which Carla arranged. This is also a great learning experience. Thankyou Marcy.

James L Lavallee

-I met Carla Brown over 14 years this year. I have been a talent with her since 2005. Prior to that I was a Talent briefly with another Agency that was how it all started it led me to Carla Brown's Agency. Since my career in the industry as a BG Performer Carla has done everything to guide, and direct me in this industry. I have been in over 10 Projects over the years and more. She is a dedicated agent and over the years eventually my son came on board. Within his first 4 months after he signed up in that 4 months he went on Heartland as a BG, landed his first commercial audition 2 months after and he booked it in less than 2 years he got Full Union Status. Carla is very committed to her clients which I am sure all the others do too to their talents, but Carla Brown has always been to my knowledge always professional with me and her clients. Because of her, I as a Mum and a Manager to my son I have learned so much with her guidance and support. Her support meant everything to me because she is just that type , happy, supportive and will go to extreme. As a Business woman myself, it is heart breaking the nastiness people will stoop. A while ago I was at a Star Bucks where I over heard a conversation, I got this person's attention I said you used to own an Agency? You know the comment I was given? Yes, said the person I sold it and I am so glad because I was feeling like I was the babysitter to all the Talents. My point is Carla Brown has been to me an amazing Agent, she does everything, I have never heard her complain in anyway. People there is so much to learn in this industry, communication on any level is the key. If you want to get somewhere in the industry, kindness, humbleness goes along way...I will stand by Platinum and I know Carla's commitment and deliverance has gotten my son and I where our careers are at. Wishing you all the best. Cheers.

Florence Maddren-Mullen