1.Q: What makes your agency stand out above the others?

A: We are one of the busiest agencies in Canada for Talent offering great opportunities in Film, Television, Commercials, Voice Over, Modeling and Print. We submit talent from Background, actor, Principal, Series Regular, Lead to Guest Star Roles in areas of Film, Television. Our Models get paid only print jobs from national and international clients. We are networked well within the industry and have made excellent relationships with casting directors in Film, Television, Commercials and Voice Overs from US to Canada and Internationally. We are not excluded by Clients or Casting Directors as we have developed professional working relationships with each of them. We also utilize our own online database, Casting Workbook, and new upcoming mainstream systems that present themselves which allows us to submit and book our talent very quickly and efficiently thus making Platinum a cut above the rest!

2.Q: What types of productions and opportunities are you involved with?

A: Platinum Talent Management Inc. is involved in everything to do with Film, TV, Commercials, Voice Over. This can include Corporate Training Videos, Video Games, Corporate ads for Broadcast, Radio Jingles, Infomercials, Country Music Videos, Rock Music Videos, Movies of the Week, Made for TV Movies, TV Mini-Series, International, National, Local & Regional Commercials, Feature Films, Short Films, Independent Films, etc. We also are heavily involved with Modeling, Print Work, Fashion shows, Live Performances, Training in all aspects of the Industry from Celebrity Instructors/mentors.

3.Q: What do I have to do to become an extra on Film or Television and do you take everyone?

A: Well first you will have to meet our requirements, represent us in an appropriate and professional manner, and have respect for our team and for yourself, cleanliness, well groomed, and patience. We work for you 365 days of the year! We do demand your respect and consideration when Industry slows and we ask that you remember we are still submitting our talent for other jobs outside the film television arena like print, promotions, etc. Regarding Actra Principle Union talent the prospective talent must meet a different level of criteria for National and International representation.

4.Q: How much work will I get with your agency?

A: We Take into consideration all these important factors such as, how busy of year any given province may be having with the film industry, the breakdowns for each production, your own availability, your willingness in staying touch with us and giving us your availability Having said that in 2011/2012 we booked numerous roles in Film, Television, Commercials, VO, Print, and Promotional gigs. Regarding Principle work our job is to get you auditions and casting opportunities, providing you have a marketable headshot and experience that the casting directors are aware of on your resume. Being cast in the production is up to you, we can get you the audition but it's up to you to land it! Many of our Actra/Sag/UBCP members continue to land bookings. Please remember, our company works 365 days a year for you to provide you with all the opportunities for Film, Television, Commercials, Voice Over, Print and Modeling. Choosing Platinum helps the process of making it in this industry as we are professionals and some of our team has been successful in their careers in Film Television. Bottom line is our members are getting work and more when they have an excellent marketable headshot and experience from acting auditioning workshops or schools. Market yourself as a company Invest, In Training, Headshots and be determined!

5.Q: Does being a background lead to become an actor?

A: Yes for serious people with confidence and a motivation to succeed. You need to build your resume in Film, Television, Commercials. Most Casting directors want to see credited roles on your resume and preferably a demo reel. You want training by recognized acting schools. I've seen upgrades where talent didn?t want to go out for BG and in one case the director gave an upgrade actor role to a BG Performer because of his certain look. He the BG performer was awarded his first credit and became Actra Union apprentice. He was only doing BG for a few months and now is a union member.

6.Q: What is a demo reel?

A: A demo reel is a demo of your best work. Once you've done a number of productions you take your copies and have your best scenes and/or work spliced into your demo reel 1min in length. Then you can show Agents and Casting Directors your acting ability or also upload it too your casting workbook for your agent to use when submitting you.

7.Q: Where are most of the jobs you submit and book for?

A: We submit for jobs all across Canada, US and internationally depending on the resume, experience and availability of the talent. We will submit if the talent is well experienced and will represent us professionally. A majority of our work is in Toronto, Calgary & Vancouver; however we book for jobs all over the regions and even smaller communities.

8.Q: Do I need to get a headshot or a portfolio done to be an extra?

A: Absolutely not. A professional looking snap shot is all you need just for our files and our database. If you want to be more than an extra and start auditioning for more significant roles then you may want to get a headshot done and take training. We can set you up with excellent photographers for professional quality headshots & info on reputable local acting schools.